Aspire Defence Projects

3D Aluminium have been involved with the supply and installation of circa £400,000.00 of MOD ‘Normal’ and ‘Enhanced’ glazing for PAC Projects to several Assets at Bulford, Tidworth and Larkhill Garrisons.

Through delivery of new and improved accomodation, Project Allenby/Connaught (PAC) is making significant improvements to soldiers' living and working environments across Salisbury Plain and at Aldershot.

3D Aluminium are one of a limited number of specialist companies capable of manufacturing and installing the Powerframe ‘blast’ enhanced products. Powerframe is a range of windows, doors and curtain walling that provide protection in the event of blast incidents. Designed specifically for this purpose the system derives the maximum benefit from the membrane action of laminated glass and its ability to safely transmit complex loads to the perimeter fixing through the frames. Deep 30mm glass rebates ensure that the glass is retained within the frame to provide a safe barrier for a building’s occupants or contents.

The system has been tested to withstand 100kg charges (Vehicle Bomb) at both a 25 metre stand off (Classification code ISO EXV25) and a 19 metre standoff (Classification code ISO EXV19).

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