3D Aluminium complete Refurbishment Project in Summertown, Oxford

3D Aluminium have recently carried out the replacement of windows and doors as part of an office conversion project in Summertown, Oxford.

3D Aluminium have recently completed a window replacement scheme in Summertown, Oxford as part of a project involving  the conversion of existing offices into residential apartments.

Due to the location of the windows facing onto the Banbury Road, 3D Aluminium were involved in planning approval to ensure the new windows matched in appearance with existing style of windows in terms of sightlines and RAL Colour. 3D Aluminium utilised Sapa Building Systems Dualframe Si range of aluminium profiles to provide thermally enhanced windows.

Installation of new windows involved acoustic trickle vents to reduce noise pollution whilst complying with building regulations Document F for Ventilation. 3D Aluminium also installed SHEV actuators to corridor windows in order to satisfy the requirements of building regulations Document B for Fire Safety.

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3D Aluminium complete Refurbishment Project in Summertow...