Southrop Village Hall

3D Aluminium have carried out the replacement of existing single glazed steel crittal windows at local Registered Charity, Southrop Village Hall.

The hall was originally built by the Southrop villagers in the 1950s and there were concerns raised by the Trustees about the removal of the existing windows as the exact method of fixing was unknown, and the narrow piers between each of the windows were susceptible to damage.

The Trustees appointed 3D Aluminium following an initial visit, which was subsequently followed up by a meeting with 3D’s experienced surveyor. This enabled 3D to alleviate any concerns the Trustees had with regards to possible damage to the existing structure, by proposing a suitable method for the installation, to minimise any disruption.

Using Sapa Crown casement windows, 3D carried out adaptions to the window outerframe which enabled installation to be carried out without any disruption to the external render or concrete piers between windows. The Crown windows were able to provide slim sight lines to minimise changes from the previous design whilst dramatically improving the overall thermal performance of the building.

Southrop Village Hall Trustee, Hugh Elford, had the following to say on the project:

“The project has received universal approval from the residents of Southrop and a big step forward has been made in the programme of upgrades planned for the Village Hall.  A big “Thank You” to all the 3D Aluminium team members for their professionalism, expertise and customer care – and the great windows of course!”

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Southrop Village Hall