Cottesloe School, Wing

3D Aluminium carried out the installation of replacement aluminium windows and doors at Cottesloe School, Wing, Buckinghamshire.

Through the LHC A6 Framework, Buckinghamshire County Council invited 3D Aluminium to provide guidance and technical expertise with the replacement of several existing PVC-U windows which had bowed due to the size and weight of the installed units exceeding the system’s capabilities. In addition, there were safety concerns with the previous installation as the existing windows were not fit-for-purpose. 3D Aluminium carried out a number of windloading calculations with their proposal to provide a suitable replacement, which would ensure a long-term solution to the school.

Utilising the Sapa Dualframe 75Si range of profiles, 3D Aluminium installed several thermally enhanced windows with structural coupling mullions capable of spanning the 3000mm existing openings.

The existing windows had previously been installed with a mirror effect film, which had begun to peel away over time. 3D installed Guardian Silver 20 coating double glazed unit to provide a reflective appearance to protect the student’s privacy, this glass has also been installed to the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

System  Sapa Building Systems
  • Sapa Elegance 52ST Curtain Walling
  • Sapa Dualframe Si Window
  • Sapa STII Commercial Doors
Principle Contractor  3D Aluminium
Client  Buckinghamshire County Council
Value  £65,000.00
Location  Wing, Buckinghamshire


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  • Cottesloe School, Wing
  • Cottesloe School, Wing
  • Cottesloe School, Wing